Shower Blowjob Show! Sexy Satyrday – June 24th 2017

Hey Satyrs!

After a hard sweaty workout, I decided to take you along into the shower with us! Dennis and I ALWAYS shower together, and this is a little sneak peek of what we get up to! Often, we have to save Dennis’ orgasm for shooting later on in the day, but today was one of those lucky days that I could give him a full blowjob! I love sucking his cock in the shower because not only do I get a squeaky clean set of cock and balls, but once he cums all over my face and body, I’m already in the shower ready to get washed up! Plus, once he’s finished he can use his shower head to play with me a bit too!

Sexy Satyrday is a weekly live show on Twitter that replaces Sexy Snapchat Saturday! Click here to watch all the Sexy Satyrday shows! Click here to watch all the Sexy Snapchat Saturday shows!

Length: 7 Minutes


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Boss Spies on Showering Saffron

Oh no boss! The hotel must have messed up our reservation, there’s only one bed! I guess it will be ok…but do you mind leaving the room so I can take a shower?

In this voyeur peeping tom solo masturbation video, I play your secretary completely unaware to the fact that you’re spying on me as I shower! It’s been a long day, and I decide to wind down by masturbating with the hotel shower head! I soap my whole body down thoroughly, as you peek through the slightly ajar door, then I rinse off, paying lots of attention to my freshly cleaned pussy. I use the pulsing water on my clit and I cum while standing in the shower! It’s not until I start to dry off that I notice that you were watching the whole time!

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