We’ve done a Double Cum Blowjob, we’ve even done a Triple Cum Blowjob and a Triple Cum Handjob, but we never expected to be able to do a QUADRUPLE CUM BLOWJOB! I’m so excited that I was able to make Dennis cum so many times in a row!

In this multiple orgasm video I give Dennis a slow sensual blowjob, using mostly my tongue bring him to orgasm over and over! After the third cumshot, Dennis’ cock becomes soft and sensitive, but I don’t let that stop me. I just lick him even more gently than before until a final load spurts right into my mouth! I take each load in my mouth and all over my face, leaving me covered in cum by the end! It’s basically a one-man bukkake!

Length: 20 minutes


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Triple Cum Handjob!

After Dennis and I had finished shooting Stroking to the Beat Episode 4, we let the camera keep rolling and I kept stroking him! I love seeing how many times I can make him cum in a row, and how much cum I can milk out of his cock! I managed to make him cum 3 times in a row before it was just too much for him, but maybe next time I’ll get that elusive quadruple cum! 😉

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