Schoolgirl Double Cum Hitachi Blowjob!

My mom is so strict! She never usually allows me to have boys in my room! The only reason you’re even allowed here is because she knows I have to tutor you! Ugh, she’s such a hypocrite too! She never lets me wear make up even though she does all the time! And she smokes too! Want to see something I stole from her room…? It’s a sex toy! She’s such a slut, right? Well, I tried it out too…does that make me a slut? You probably like sluts, don’t you…? It’s a pretty effective little machine, I must say…want me to show you? Just promise not to tell anyone at school! 

In this schoolgirl roleplay video I play with your cock with a Hitachi Magic Wand! I playfully lick up drop after drop of your precum as the Hitachi vibrates your cock in my mouth! The vibrator is so powerful that I make you cum TWICE! You shoot your loads straight into my mouth so I can swirl it around and savor your delicious juices! I make sure to lick up every drop off my fingers and your cock so as not to waste any! All the while my bare feet flex and wrinkle in the air behind me!

Length: 30 Minutes


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Secretary Seduces You With Her Dirty Feet And Pantyhose

I’m so sorry I’m late again, Boss! I know that I just started working for you and this is a really bad first impression, but I swear I have a good excuse! My car broke down, and even though I live nearby, it’s still a long walk when you’re wearing high heels! This morning it was so wet and rainy too that it was too dangerous to walk all the way here in my heels so I took them off and walked around in the muddy streets in just my pantyhose! Look how filthy my pantyhose covered feet are! Do you like staring at my dirty feet, boss? If you’d like I can make sure to walk here in just my pantyhose every day, so my feet are always nice and dirty for you! Would you like that, boss? Oh please say yes, I will do anything to keep this job!

*In this dirty feet and pantyhose fetish video I play a desperate secretary who will do anything to keep her job. So I tease you with my dirty stocking feet, and beg you to let me stay, stripping down to just my pantyhose before finally giving you a 10-second countdown to make your decision!*

Length: 11 minutes


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Triple Leg Crossing in Flats

In this video I repeatedly triple cross my legs for you, in my schoolgirl skirt and my flats that I actually used to wear in high school! I know how much you love seeing my legs cross back and forth, especially when I stretch them around to do a triple leg cross! Of course, you can’t help but notice how I constantly wiggle my little toes in my flats, not wearing any socks. It turns me on knowing how much you love my legs, so I love giving you these little teases! 😉

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Daphne’s Foot Slave

I’ve got you now creep! I bet you didn’t think I could catch you but I did! Did you really think you could go around town wearing a mask scaring people, and get away with it? Nope! Not when I’m on the case! Now, you have two options: I can call the police and have them put you in jail for the rest of your life, or you can become my footslave and worship my feet for the rest of your life! So what’s it going to be? Good! Now get down on your knees and get real up close to the soles of my shoes. Aren’t they dirty? Now kiss them! Ahahahaha! How does it feel having to kiss a girls dirty feet? Just wait till I take these off and make you kiss my feet in these pantyhose that I’ve been running around all day in solving mysteries!

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Teasing Step Brother with My Feet

OMG! Are you staring at my feet again! I can’t believe my step brother is so obsessed with my feet! Well get over here so you can get a better look! I bet I can get you to do anything for these feet! Hmmmm… give them a kiss! Ha! You actually did it!

Put some lotion on them! Mmmm… that feels good! At least I can get a foot massage anytime I want, even if it’s from my creepy step brother! I know my friend would love a foot massage, maybe I should invite her over so you can rub both our feet! OMG you’re such a pervert!

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